Hi there, I am‍
Blane Winstead!

I’m a creative Software Engineer specializing in front-end web development. For the last year I’ve been developing full-stack websites using React, Javascript, HTML, and CSS. I take great pride in working together with others to see projects come to fruition. I especially enjoy seeing my code come to life visually on a web page. I provide a product that people love and that delivers tremendous value to any business.

Web Development

Services I can provide for you

Build Websites

Most notably, I build websites that meet your business needs. From concise single page apps to full stack multipage web apps, we can figure out what's the best fit for you.

Responsive Design

I deliver web pages that will scale across every device. From phones to tablets to desktop or mac, a must for retaining users on a website in modern day.

Ongoing Maintenance

I give year round support to my clients. If anything happens to break and needs to be fixed or minor things need to be changed, it will get done free of charge.

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